Eugenia is a former pop singer who is bedridden and dying of cancer. Her 19 year old daughter Helena dreams of traveling the world and learns foreign languages at home and wishes she could be a glamorous pop star like her mother was. Helena cares for her mother with the help their house maid Chaya who also keeps the aging house in working order. Sebastian is Helena's teenage brother who attends a Catholic high school run by a Monsignor who plays classical music over the loudspeakers thinking it will calm down the boisterous kids. Sebastian's dreams are simple and he merely wants to move to the beach. Helena is smart and pretty but she has no friends, male or female and is totally devoted to her mother's care and is also on the verge of initiating an incestuous relationship with Sebastian. Sebastian however, is falling in love with a boy at school named Juan who is the school roughneck and the son of a single father who owns a little bar...详情

一位名叫胡安(贝尔纳多·贝尼德兹 Bernardo Benítez 饰)的转校生出现在了塞巴斯蒂安的身边,塞巴斯蒂安和胡安走到了一起,然而如今身患癌症的她尤金妮亚(Claudette Maillé 饰)曾经是乐坛里举足轻重的风云人物,


Burn The Bridges / Quemar las naves

类型:剧情,爱情,同性,三级,情色,伦理 / 地区 :墨西哥 / 年份:2007




简介:尤金妮亚(Claudette Maillé 饰)曾经是乐坛里举足轻重的风云人物,然而如今身玻利维亚公交车上一级毛片ng>玻利维亚公开免费红色一级毛片玻利维玻利维亚古典武侠校园欧美另类人妻玻利维亚公主你夹死臣啦好湿啊亚囗交大图片26交患癌症的她只能卧病在床,却唯独对塞巴斯蒂安关怀备至。这让伊斯梅尔感到十分不安。                                                                    塞巴斯蒂安和伊斯梅尔(Ramón Valdés 饰)感情十分要好,吸引了塞巴斯蒂安的注意 ,虽然伊斯梅尔玻利维亚公交车上一级毛片ng>玻利维亚公开免费红色一级毛片ng>玻利维亚公主你夹死臣啦好湿啊玻利维亚古典武侠校园欧美另类人妻在学校玻利维亚囗交大图片26交里向来横行霸道,之后,两人的感情遭到了海伦娜的强烈反对,整个家庭的重担落在了儿子塞巴斯蒂安(昂黑尔·欧内西莫·内瓦雷斯 Ángel Onésimo Nevárez 饰)和女儿海伦娜(艾琳·阿苏埃拉 Irene Azuela 饰)的肩上。但这却并没有阻止塞巴斯蒂安和他的爱人双宿双飞。